Lion with gold

"Lion with gold"

100X120 cm (original drawing size)

Acrylic on canvas + 24K gold leaf


A powerful lion in black and white with touches of gold, adds elegance and prestige to every wall in every space.


-Each print is hand signed and numbered by Liran Vardiel. Limited edition prints are never re-stocked once sold out (*limited amount of 30)

The print exhibited in the pictures is the Large version - 120X100 cm

Optional print sizes: 30X45 cm (small) | 50X60 cm (medium) | 100X120 cm (

A large) the print come without a frame.

***New!!! Upgraded prints with additional acrylic colors - Buy a print on canvas + acrylic add on the print!

* At the end of the print, Liran Vardiel goes through the print with the brushes and colors with the unique touches and colors that give the print texture and texture and in fact create a new original painting!

- There are 3 different sizes of print (small, medium and large), printing on canvas in water-based pigment ink, maintaining the print quality of the interior and office conditions for decades, including lacquer.

-The print comes without a frame


- Print delivery time - up to 30 business days from the date of purchase.

-Shipping is extra charge

-Payment via Paypal

For more information, questions or advice, please email:

Lion with gold